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Moving to Riviera Nayarit Mexico

What You Need to Know

Moving to Riviera Nayarit is a good option for many expats looking to retire early or wanting to experience a higher standard of living on a limited retirement income.

The main reasons for considering moving to Riviera Nayarit is to improve your quality of life and the cost of living, or perhaps to just leave the “rat race” behind. Several things should be considered before moving to Riviera Nayarit. Guaranteed Sold Real Estate Mexico can help you with all your questions and concerns regarding buying a home and moving to Mexico.

New Country – You’ll be moving to a new country with a different language, plus different culture, laws, environment, and climate. Many of the things you may be used to might not exist here, or, if they do, are strangely different. It’s highly recommended that, before taking the plunge and moving to Mexico, you spend an extended amount of time as a visitor first, especially in the hot summer months.

Getting Around – Depending on the town you want to live in, it may not be built for vehicles, especially now with the limited parking available. Even walking around may not be what you might expect. Most Nayarit towns don’t have wide sidewalks and in some of the older parts of town, the walkways are sprinkled with utility poles and trees. In many areas just below the steep hills you may find very high curbs, which are essential for the amount of water that will flow down those streets in the rainy season. By the way, Mexico is not a country that has much litigation, so if you step in a hole on the sidewalk and hurt yourself, it’s considered your fault for not looking where you were going.

Languages – Speaking the language, which is Spanish, is probably the one most helpful abilities you should aim for. A number of Spanish speaking classes are available here as well.

People of all ages are moving to Riviera Nayarit – Nayarit Mexico is not just a haven for retirees. Young people are seeing the benefits of escaping the traditional 9-5 in the North American cities and designing a more fulfilling, relaxed lifestyle here in Mexico. Continue reading for our insightful discussion with a young expat who shares her experiences and thoughts on working remotely in Mexico, escaping the traditional path, and enjoying a new lifestyle.

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